About us

www.findmework.eu is an EU online recruitment jobsite, dedicated to helping you find your next job.

HR, Recruitment Agencies and employers use our website every day, to find people just like you.

Looking for a job is frustrating and www.findmework.eu try to help you out by interview coaching and having your CV in the ideal format which employers and HR agencies prefer.

Our intelligent search and matching technology is not only computer powered but each job offer and CV is reviewed by a person. Computerizing saves you the hassle of searching through thousands of jobs, bringing you and recruiters together quickly and easily, BUT that is not enough. Sometimes genius and clever people do not get chances because computers fail to find the right keywords in their CV.

80% of applicants do not have the right CV and they do not bother to correct it. We are here to help you with this.
Whatever sector and region you're job hunting in, www.findmework.eu will search through thousands of new jobs everyday to find you the right one throughout europe.

www.findmework.eu - our job is searching for your job, so where do you want to work?