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This document establishes the terms and conditions in which you can access and use the website. This website is currently the property of SC MMM MULTIMEDIA INVEST SRL. Before you can access the site, please read carefully the terms and conditions below. By continuing to use this website, you implicitly accept the terms and conditions and all consequences that lead from using the current website. Its content (text, photo, graphic, etc.) is protected by the copyright law and cannot be reproduces or used without the written approval of the proprietor of this website.
SC MMM MULTIMEDIA INVEST SRL as the author/proprietor/administrator of the website http://www.findmework.eu reserves its write to modify or update the content at any moment and also its Confidentiality Policy among with Terms and Conditions, without any prior notification. These changes will take effect from the moment they are published on the website.

DESCRIPTION OF WEBSITE: www.findmework.eu is a site in which our company presents its services. The information presented to the end-user is offered free-of-charge.

CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY: Our company, SC MMM MULTIMEDIA INVEST SRL protects the right of privacy for its users, so that their personal life will not be damaged or altered in such a manner that it will affect them negatively. Thus, we oblige to respect the privacy and safety of the information presented that is of personal nature that we receive from you and to offer you a secured virtual experience. Therefore, no information of personal nature that we receive from you will not be disclosed unless an approval is presented prior to it. SC MMM MULTIMEDIA INVEST SRL abides to Law no. 667/2001 which protects all personas regarding any transformation of data that has personal characteristics attached and the transport flow of it which has been modified with supplements according to Law no. 506/2004 concerning the transformation of data that has personal characteristics attached and the transport flow of it in the business sector of electronic communications. Any information that has been provided by you when filling in the online form in our database will be administered by our company in the sole purpose of the conditions already specified with respect to security in order to optimize the services that we offer. Exceptions to this rule may be presented in which legal authorities may require such data or due to any legal requirements, such as copyright protection of SC MMM MULTIMEDIA INVEST SRL, and the protection of the safety of its employees or our customers. The Law no. 667/2001 offers you the right to be informed about the data which involve personal nature, to intervene in its modification and to oppose any modification of it, the right to not be imposed on taking an individual decision and the right to address it in the court of law. If you desire that your personal data to not be collected, we request you to not send it to us. Also, please alert us in writing at info@findmework.eu if you wish that the information presented by you to be updated or deleted from our database.

RULES OF ACCESS AND USE: By using our website you will be permitted to view and access the services offered by SC MMM MULTIMEDIA INVEST SRL. You are prohibited to use this website and its services in other means than it has been mentioned. Also, any replication, multiplication, distribution, publishing, recording and/or storing any material or data of the site www.findmework.eu is prohibited without the written consent of its proprietor. It is not permitted to delete or alter the materials and information that has been published. Any destruction or alteration of the website, its content, security, discretization and any personal attack is prohibited. Users are not allowed to use the email addresses in our database to send commercial emails (spam). By not abiding to these rules, you will be penalized according to the current legislation by the full extent of the law. SC MMM MULTIMEDIA INVEST SRL reserves the right to restrict access to visitors or users of the website if discovered that their actions can cause any damage regarding the image of a person or a group of persons.

COPYRIGHT: All right for the content of this website belong to SC MMM MULTIMEDIA INVEST SRL. According to the law of copyright, any materials existent on this website are protected, and any reproduction, modification distribution of it cannot be done without the written consent of its proprietor. It is not permitted to create any hyperlinks to this or from this website without the prior consent of SC MMM MULTIMEDIA INVEST SRL.

LEVEL OF RESPONSIBILITY: SC MMM MULTIMEDIA INVEST SRL does not take any responsibility in provoking any kind of direct, indirect, accidental, special damage including but not limited to profit loss, good will and the possibility of wrong manipulation of data or any other intangible or unmeasurable loss (even if SC MMM MULTIMEDIA INVEST SRL has been notified prior to such events), that can result from:
• Utilizing and not being able to utilize the information presented by the website;
• Unauthorized access to costumer data and input, and any form of deterioration of it;
• Declarations or actions of any third party regarding website services;
• Any other problem related to the website services.
In case it is considered that the information contained in this website infringes any copyright or related rights, please inform us at info@findmework.eu

LEGAL NOTIFICATION: By accessing and utilizing the data of this site you agree to the following :
• Access and use of the website is made in regards to personal responsibility;
• SC MMM MULTIMEDIA INVEST SRL does not take any kind of responsibility, directly or indirectly expressed, including but not limiting it to indirect guaranty of sales or abiding specifications for any purpose.
If you have any concerns regarding the utilization of the website and its confidentiality policy, please access the Contact Us section.
Terms and conditions of using this site abide to the jurisdiction that currently regulates the Laws of Romania.
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