BPM Platform and Application architecture and development

Location:Romania, Bucharest
Language: Romanian & English
Start Date: January
Length: 6 months


We are seeking for 5 professionals  BPM with the following qualification, skills and experience:

BPM Platform Support

​     Installation BPM components

.    Install Implementation environment
.    Install Test environment
.    Install Production environment
.    Infrastructure analysis
.    Technical architecture & design
.    LDAP AD (Active Directory)
.    Migration
.    Performance Tuning configuration and measurements
Identity & Access Management
.    Autorization & Autentification
.    Roles, Groups, Skills
.    Manage scheduled tasks
.    Implementing audit and manage help action
.    Implement alert messages, user notifications/emails
.    Manage web Services logging
.    Integration in the large test scenarios


BPM and JAVA Developer:

Design & Implementation
Integration with other systems:
.    Legacy component integration 
.    Integration with Document repository system in order to create, manage, storage, archive documents
.    Integration with Oracle user hierarchy information and xPression server
.    Implement solution for sending and retrieving emails
.    Generate dashboards for organization planning like:    effective capacity vs. design capacity, actual active time vs standard time, expertise efficiency rate, standard time vs wait time vs efficient time, capacity planning, SLA Breach, Time to breach SLA, Average response time per activity per operation vs Average response time per activity etc.
.    Integration in the large test scenarios


Business Rules Engine: Skill matrix, Operation type / Business flow

Business processes: Flows, Inbox, eForms
Create documentation for following:
.    Business Functional and Technical specifications
.    Integration functional and technical specifications
.    Customized modules and reports documentation
.    Architecture design (high level, low-level, logical design, storage requirements)
.    Service/Application Configuration details: modules, versions, baselines, set-up details
.    Production, DR and Test/ Development Environment configuration
.    Detailed Technical Solution Manual (including mapping between technical and business workflows)
.    Procedure for production deployment activities
.    Known errors & Diagnosis and monitoring, troubleshooting procedures and guide


BPM Application Tester:

.    System Test Plan
.    System Test Results
.    System Test Status
.    System Test Results Verification
.    Integration in the large test scenarios    
.    Generate tests for performance tuning configuration and measurements


BPM project management

.    Manage Documentation
.    Manage Acceptance Criteria
.    Provide On-site support
.    System Test Plan
 Provide documentation:
.    Administration & Operations manual
.    Installation manual (configuration & parametrization details)
.    Training documentation for all the users/roles adapted for Company flows and processes
.    Document describing Business and Technical Workflows
.    The overall data model of the solution
.    Detailed description of tables and fields
.    User Management Procedure

How To Apply

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