Accountant assistant

Ideal candidate:

The candidate must have knowledge of operation of an accounting program.

You will be working as high professional standards in financial accounting, fiscal and Human Resources.
You will provide services from financial and management accounting, tax consultancy and payroll and personnel administration and consultancy on management accounting in financial department of company.
You will keep chronological record of primary documents, to the preparation of journal register, inventory register, tax register, VAT journals, preparing the monthly trial balance, preparing and depositing the annula finance statement.
You will establish yje monthly and quartely payment obligations, will prepare documents for payment, will prepare and fill the taxes.
You will work on to prepare and submit balance sheet, help to run financial accounting department and about the representation of the company in case of control.
You will be auditing existing finance documents and reporting.

Job description:


Experience in finance and accountimg min 3 years.
Fluent English speaking and writing.
University degree in Econimics.
Experience in Human Resources, accounting, tax, insurance relationship with the state (ANAF, ITM, Statistica, Casa de Sanatate)


Fact sheets for accounting regulation on financial administration payers,
Drawing up balance sheets and explanatory notes, 
General accounting to level balance and balance
Preparation and filling of monthly/quarterly mandatory budget
Recoded daily and archived financial documents in good cndition - accounting, closing the revenue, expenses and VAT after checking balance
Handle VAT return preparation, tax returns, statement of CAS, unemployement, health amd ITM, is in charge of maintaining a good relationship with financial administration and other institutions
Payroll and determine the payment obligations
Professional knowledge on labor law, accounting law and tax law
Practical knowledge regarding the preparation of annual financial statements 101, 112, 300, 394, 390
Participation in the institutions of state controls
Prepare reports and analysis by management
Performs initial audits within the company in accordance with the audit plan
systematicaly documented deficiencies found during the audit, formulate conclusions for each section of the audir and prepare audit reports
Track implementation of internal audit recommendations
Establish or modify, as appropriate, procedures, guidelines and working methods designed to streamline operations
Perform controls to evaluate and monitor different tyoes of risk in the company departments recommending the most appropriate measures to prevent, avoid and eliminate any potential losses
Finance COMMERCIAL CORRESPONDENCE - suppliers, costumers, 
Achiving and file finance documents
Providing general administrative support in area of finance management
Good knowledge of PC - MS Office (Excel Word)
Very good capacity for analysis, synthesis, interpretation
Reliability, perseverance, organization, efficiency, fairness, responsability, respect for deadlines
Attention to detail
Trustworthy and hard worker

Company details:

Offer (bonuses, benefits)
- Competitive salary
- pay by results and effort
- performance bonuses
- payment for overtimes
- the oportunity to work and develop yourself into a young team